System Integration

System Architect

The role of advanced media technologies and IT is bigger than the monetary advantages that are generally focused upon. Today, IT-driven solutions are becoming the backbone of media services.

This is where the role of a reliable systems integrator gains prominence. A system integrator designs and integrates advanced technology-powered products or helps to build scalable technology platforms. At MediaMan, we understand that business solutions for media networks and devices, content production and digital circulation, IT layer systems, backend systems, and multi-channel distribution are not individual identities rather they contribute to a large integrated system that contributes to business success.

MediaMan successfully integrates technology and systems to serve its clients in media, broadcasting, and telecommunications. We transform the challenging technology integration projects into a success with our technological competencies, knowledge of industry-leading professional products, and their interfaces and system architectures.

Design And Development

Media and broadcasting companies need to upgrade their services to incorporate new technologies, distribution channels, and digital platforms if they wish to remain in the business. This is the reason why satellite, mobile, and internet mediums, OTT, and multi-channel platforms are gaining popularity. With content becoming the most critical factor for success, media and telecommunication companies are investing in robust technologies and workflow processes that manage content distribution across various mediums.

It is here the role of an experienced systems integrator such as MediaMan comes into significance. Over the years, MediaMan has conceptualized and implemented various types of infrastructure-based solutions for its clients in telecommunications and media. MediaMans service begins by conceptualizing technology areas, workflow systems, and interlinking components that serve the purpose. MediaMans expert team has always emphasized delivering OEM equipment with improved features.

MediaMan supports its clients from conceptualization, design, and development through implementation phases and ensures Project performance supersedes business expectations. MediaMans Technology design is always conceptualized to maximize ROI, efficient use of resources, and the best space management practices.

Project Management

Project management is a key to success in any business. Every business needs a focused, disciplined technological approach and proven processes to manage their projects efficiently and ensure productive workflow.

MediaMan is committed to delivering only efficient solutions to its customers through its expert project managers and managed solutions. Our experts will work with clients to understand their requirements and work out project management objectives. Our proven methodologies and project management toolkits will allow clients to manage their projects effectively for high productive benefits.

MediaMan’s project management expertise and technology competence will ensure high outcomes for your project.


Over years, the MediaMans expertise project management team has set and implemented project management solutions for clients helping them manage complex projects efficiently. Our project teams adopt a value-centric approach by incorporating advanced technology and business discipline to develop effective business solutions. We offer complete support from initiation to implementation.

Managing Complex Projects

Our clients from small cable operators to established media companies have utilized our services to manage their projects and avoid project failure. We serve as a point of contact between the client, supplier, and stakeholders.

Project recovery

Our project experts are skilled at recovering ailing projects. They will coordinate with clients to diagnose problems, develop corrective measures and bring back the project on the track.

Risk management

Analyzing risks in the project in the project and developing risk mitigation actions to avoid project failure.

360 o Support

We offer complete support for conception to installation through various phases of project management.


MediaMan offers a unified document storage system MediaMan Eye for managing documents and projects. Clients are assigned username and password through which they can enter the system and manage their projects as well as documents.

Spectrum of Service

Media and broadcasting systems are dependent on technology and disciplined workflow processes for their daily operations. As a reliable technology partner, we have already delivered tailored and turnkey solutions for various small and large media and broadcasting systems.

MediaMan is one of the top 10 system integrators in India and we deliver a vast range of system integration solutions for media and broadcasting infrastructure.

Space Planning And Technical Furniture Manufacturing

The interior design, furniture, and equipment’s contribute to the productive work place. MediaMan has been assisting clients to convert their plain areas into productive and interesting work areas. We are able to efficiently convert the workplace for best productive outcomes. Our experts will personally visit the office, help you identify business requirements and suggest how to convert the existing area into the most happening workplace.

Operational Planning

Media industry is undergoing major transition to digitalization and on-demand customer visual media services. MediaMan always takes lead in guiding clients to survive in this highly-demanding digitized atmosphere. We always combine our managed services expertise, experience and technology leadership with operational strategies to deliver a stress-free work environment.