Structured Cabling Services

Our team provides clients with a strong portfolio of system and technology expertise in the high-growth data center industry. Our key supervisors and certified installation technicians possess years of manufacturing and termination experience for copper and fiber-optic cable products. Unity Systems Integration uses that expertise to provide design, installation, testing, and documentation services for all networking requirements. We have years of experience with installing and working with fiber optic cables, our professional services teams carry FOI certifications and are certified Fluke Networks Fiber Cabling Test Technicians.

Design Consulting Services

  • Recommend Design (objectives, parameters and guidelines)
  • Make Recommendations (to ensure design compliance)
  • Review Designs (to ensure compliance with requirements)


  • Verify and Assess Existing Facility (including hardware configuration, aisle containment, port count and location requirements)
  • Develop Hardware Layout Plans
  • Identify Needs
  • Recommend Guidelines
  • Mining Assessment


  • Floor Plan Diagrams
  • Equipment Location Diagrams
  • Cable-Tray Location Diagrams
  • Planning Report (including modeling of growth expectations, establishing general cost estimates and preliminary schedules, and technically evaluating physical needs) preliminary schedules and technically evaluating physical needs)


  • Installation of Cable Trays
  • Placement of Cabinets, Under Floor Frames, and Patch Panels
  • Installation of Fiber Optic Cable
  • Connect Cables and Document Connectivity
  • Testing and Certification