OTT Services

Rising consumer demand for uninterrupted entertainment, need for advanced connectivity and fast-changing content distribution patterns have paved the way for OTT Services. Although television channels are competing for maximum consumer engagement by going 24/7, consumers are relying on smart devices for uninterrupted entertainment delivered by OTT-TV. Similarly, people are using OTT-driven platforms such as WhatsApp, TU Me, or Blackberry Messenger for minimizing their SMS charges and telephone bills.

With a majority of new-age consumers siding with advanced connectivity devices for entertainment and communication, OTT service providers in India are forced to improvise their services and maximize their ROI. It is here that MediaMan Broadcasting’s OTT services make a difference.

MediaMan with its good understanding of the high-demanding video consumption patterns and content delivery networks aids OTT services and its providers to minimize their TCO, and maximize their consumer engagement and ROI.



WHY mediaman?

The technology and business challenges plague most OTT service providers in India. They should give attention to the following things:

  • Setting up a scalable technology infrastructure to manage an erratic and chaotic broadband network.
  • Setting up a reliable CDN (Content Delivery Network) for meeting the growing needs of content distribution.
  • Understanding content consumption patterns across devices and appropriate bandwidth assignment.
  • Maximizing revenues and finding new monetization models without additional investment.

Over the years, MediaMan has gained considerable experience in developing tailored business and technology solutions for its clients in OTT-TV and telecommunication ecosystem by overcoming the above challenges.


For more details about CDN load distribution, bandwidth assignment, and adaptive streaming across various smart devices, feel free to get in touch with any of our OTT services or technology experts at the earliest.

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